Tri-Rail Shuttle Buses

Connecting to all that South Florida has to offer is easier with dedicated shuttle buses providing service to and from select Tri-Rail stations. Funded by the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, these shuttle buses offer free and convenient service for Tri-Rail riders.



West Palm Beach Station
Tri-Rail Shuttle: WPB 1

WPB 1 Shuttle Schedule
WPB 1 Map

Lake Worth Station
Tri-Rail Shuttle: LKW 1

LKW 1 Shuttle Schedule
LKW 1 Map

Delray Beach Station
Tri-Rail Shuttle: Downtown Roundabout

Downtown Roundabout Trolley Schedule and Map

Boca Raton Station
Tri-Rail Shuttle: BR 1

BR 1 Shuttle Schedule
BR 1 Map

Tri-Rail Shuttle: TPABS East/West Shuttle – Formerly Arvida Park of Commerce (APOC)

TPABS East/West Shuttle Schedule

TPABS East A Map

TPABS East B Map

TPABS West Map

Tri-Rail Shuttle: TPABS Midday Shuttle

TPABS Midday Shuttle Schedule
TPABS Midday Map

Deerfield Beach Station
Tri-Rail Shuttles: DB 1

DB1 Shuttle Schedule
DB1 Map

Tri-Rail Shuttles: DB 2

DB2 Shuttle Schedule
DB2 Map

Pompano Beach Station
Tri-Rail Shuttle: PB 1

PB1 Shuttle Schedule
PB1 Map

Cypress Creek Station
Tri-Rail Shuttles: CC 1, CC 2 and CC 3

CC 1, CC 2 and CC 3 Shuttle Schedule
CC 1 Map
CC 2 Map
CC 3 Map


Fort Lauderdale Station
Tri-Rail Shuttles: FL 1 (Weekdays)

FL1 Shuttle Schedule
FL1 Map

Tri-Rail Shuttles: FL 2 (Weekdays)

FL2 Shuttle Schedule
FL2 Map

Tri-Rail Shuttles: FL 3 (Weekends)

FL3 Shuttle Schedule
FL3 Map

Tri-Rail Shuttles: Sun Trolley – NW Community Link (Weekdays)

NW Community Link Schedule
NW Community Link Map

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport Station at Dania Beach
Tri-Rail Shuttles: FLA 1

FLA1 Shuttle Schedule
FLA1 Weekday Map
FLA1 Weekend Map

Tri-Rail Shuttles: South Florida Education Center Shuttle

Sheridan Street Station
Tri-Rail Shuttle: SS 1

SS1 Shuttle Schedule
SS1 Map

Opa-locka Station
Tri-Rail Shuttles: Opa-locka Express

North Link Shuttle Schedule (includes Saturday)
North Link Map (includes Saturday)

Hialeah Market Station
Tri-Rail Shuttle: 132 (Doral Shuttle)

132 Shuttle Schedule
132 Map