Transit Watch


If you see something suspicious, say something

The threat level for Rail Transit remains at an elevated level. The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority/Tri-Rail needs your help. If you see a suspicious package or observe strange activity on, or near, a train, train station or along the tracks, report it to a Train Crew Member, Security Officer, SFRTA/Tri-Rail employee or any railroad official, as quickly as possible.

Be our eyes and ears
No public service agency can effectively protect life and property without the support of the public.

Become a transit watcher
People just like you act as the eyes and ears of our system and always check their immediate surroundings for activity which may require security or police intervention.

Be alert and aware of everyday activities on your transit system. Get your family, friends and neighbors involved, and get to know law-enforcement and security officers.

If you observe suspicious activity
Try not to let personal feelings get in the way when you see suspicious activity. Look at the entire situation before making a judgment. Watch for non-verbal signs and do not become personally involved.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Do not take direct action
  • Do not confront the individual
  • Do not reveal your suspicions
  • Do record as many details as possible
  • Do notify the appropriate authorities as soon as possible

Describing suspicious behavior:
When describing suspicious activity, remember to be accurate and specific.

Ask yourself:

Who did you observe?
What did you see?
Where did you see it?
When did you see it?
Why is it suspicious?

Describing a suspicious person
Report the following when giving a description of a suspicious person:

Sex/Race/Age – approximately;
Height – in two-inch blocks, such as 5 feet 4 inches, 6 feet 2 inches;
Weight – in 10-pound blocks, such as 170 lbs., 180 lbs;
Build – medium, heavy set, thin;
Hair – color, length, facial hair (if any);
Complexion – light, dark, ruddy, olive;
Peculiarities – scars, tattoos, missing limbs;
Clothing – from head to toe, style, defects;
Weapons – type, size; and
Method of escape – direction of travel, type of vehicle.

If a vehicle is involved
An accurate description of a vehicle can determine how soon a suspicious individual is found and apprehended.

License plate number – most important;
Make – model, color, year;
Body type – two-door, four-door, van, sport utility vehicle;
Passengers – number of people in vehicle; and
Damage – anything unusual, logos.

You can help fight terrorism.

Call Transit Watch immediately , 1-800-874-7245, to report any suspicious activity.

All reports are kept confidential.