Safety and Security

Security Alert Graphic - Elevated Security Alert

As of August 12, 2005, the threat level for mass transportation is “ELEVATED” (code yellow). This includes city bus lines and commuter rail lines. The Elevated Threat Level indicates a significant risk of terrorist attacks. Although no specific areas have been identified, the SFRTA/Tri-Rail has enhanced security at stations and onboard trains, as additional protective measures.

How does this affect passengers?
As always, passengers should be aware of and report any suspicious activity immediately.

For more information on how to help keep our commuter rail system safe, as well as the additional security measures taken by the SFRTA/Tri-Rail, please access the links below.

The SFRTA has launched a Transit Watch Program for passenger and public awareness of suspicious activity. The program urges passengers to report suspicious activity to on board and security personnel. Click for more information, including tips on enhancing security on and around the system.

Since September 11, 2001, the SFRTA has taken significant steps to enhance security of the Tri-Rail system, including passengers, employees and the general public. Click to learn more about these security measures.

An emergency evacuation is rare, however, under certain circumstances passengers may need to be evacuated as a safety precaution or to avoid danger. In the unlikely event that an evacuation is required, it is very important to be calm and listen to announcements or instructions from uniformed officials. Click for more details about evacuation procedures.