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Double Tracking Fact Sheet
    Tri-Rail station Construction Images

The Double Track Corridor Improvement Program calls for reconstruction along 72 miles of the South Florida Rail Corridor and a second mainline track parallel to the existing track. As part of the program, the Segment 5 Project was the final major phase of double tracking. This $333.8 million project included the installation of 43.5 miles of second mainline track; upgrades to the existing signal system; construction of 11 new bridges; replacement and/or rehabilitation of 13 bridges; modification and renovation of 10 stations; acquisition of five locomotives and two cab cars, as well as enhancements to grade crossing - - providing full closure at all 70 grade crossings. The long-awaited completion of the Segment 5 Project this past March has given commuters more options in making transportation choices with added trains, reduced times between trains, shorter travel time from end to end within the Tri-Rail service area and more flexibility. As a result, the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority has expanded Tri-Rail operations from 30 to 40 trains per day, representing a 33 percent increase in weekday service. Additional improvements facilitated by the completion of the Segment 5 Project include enhanced comfort at stations, future expansion capabilities, more efficient movement of goods and freight and less traffic congestion.

South Florida Regional Transportation Authority/Tri-Rail estimates that these improvements will serve 27,900 average daily boardings by 2015.

Progress to Date

There are now only two miles of double tracking left to be completed for the Double Track Corridor Improvement Program at the New River Bridge in Fort Lauderdale. Completion of the remaining two miles is anticipated for early 2007.

Double Track Corridor Improvement Program System Map

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