Employer Enrollment

Knowing the challenges of day-to-day business activities, Tri-Rail has made enrolling in the EDP as easy as possible. With absolutely no cost, only a minimum amount of paperwork and all important information now accessible online, the SFRTA/Tri-Rail has made it even easier for companies to enroll in the EDP.

Corporate Benefits Package

The Corporate Benefits Package highlights the many benefits that the EDP has to offer. Please take a moment to download and review the information provided in the brochure.

Employer's Participation Guidelines

There is no cost to the employer and no minimum number of participating employees required. To qualify, an employer is required to:

  • Have more than one employee
  • Have a business/commercial location
  • Have a business phone number registered to the employer
  • Assign an EDP contact person to promote and administer the program
  • Select promotional methods as outlined in #3 of the Agreement Form
  • Verify employees' participation

To qualify for the 25 percent discount and obtain an EDP-encoded EASY Card, employees are required to:

Employer's Application & Agreement

After designating an EDP contact person and filling out and signing the Employer Application and Agreement forms, employees will be on their way to taking advantage of valuable discounts, at no cost to your company.

Click here to access the EDP Employer Application ; or mail your signed forms to SFRTA/Tri-Rail EDP, P.O. Box 5148, Lighthouse Point, 33074; fax to (954) 788-7961, Attn: EDP, or email to the EDP Coordinator at edp@sfrta.fl.gov.

Pre-Paid Program

The SFRTA/Tri-Rail offers a Pre-Paid Program to participating EDP Employers who want to purchase a pass or passes for their employees. This program makes it easy for their employees EDP EASY Cards to be automatically loaded on a monthly basis.

Passes are automatically loaded on the 26th of each month, for the following month pass. On the first of the following month, employees can load their passes by tapping on a standalone validator or ticket vending machine. Employees have the option of loading their passes from the 1st thru the 20th of the month. Passes are deleted from the system after the 20th of each month, with no refund for the loaded pass or passes.

1. An EDP Employer will need to complete the Pre-Paid Order and Spreadsheet Forms (Excel file)

2. All Pre-Paid Order and Spreadsheet forms must be completed in full and received no later than the 10th of the month, for the following month’s pass.

3. SFRTA/Tri-Rail accepts business checks, Visa, MasterCARD and American Express.

4. You may submit your order on-line or fax to 954-788-7961 or via mail to: SFRTA/Tri-Rail EDP P.O. Box 5148, Lighthouse Point, FL 33074

Should you have any questions, please contact the EDP Coordinator at 954-788-7935 or Email edp@sfrta.fl.gov.