Employer Benefits

As a part of South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, Tri-Railís Employer Discount Program (EDP) offers many advantages to your company at no cost. Designed to motivate employers to provide employees with a public transportation benefit, more than 2,600 South Florida companies are already onboard and are enjoying many of the benefits that the EDP has to offer. When your company enrolls in Tri-Railís Employer Discount Program, everyone is a winner!

With absolutely no cost and just a minimum amount of paperwork, your company can join thousands of other local businesses already enrolled in Tri-Railís Employer Discount Program.

As a participating business, you can offer your workers a valuable employee public transit benefit. After enrolling, your employees will be eligible to receive a 25% discount on Month and 12-Trip tickets. With new federal tax incentives, your company can offer workers pre-tax benefits with payroll deductions.

Tri-Rail Works for Your Business

As part of the SFRTA, Tri-Railís EDP offers many advantages for your company:

  • Improved employee recruitment and retention efforts
  • New job markets with greater access to the tri-county area
  • Additional employee benefit with substantial savings
  • Reduced parking demand at company locations
  • Tax-free incentives
  • Provides greater opportunity for access to transportation alternatives
  • Improves companyís public reputation/image

Employer/Employee Transit Tax Benefit

With federal tax benefits mandated by the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st century (TEA-21), it really does pay to ride Tri-Rail!

The transit commuter pre-tax benefit allows employers to give their employees up to $260 per month to cover public transportation costs as a tax-free benefit. Alternatively, employers can allow employees to pay for the commuter benefit with payroll deductions.


An employer can pay for the cost of the transit commuter pre-tax benefit for the employees.


Employers an can share the cost of commuting by paying for a part of the transit commuter pre-tax benefit and employees can pay for the remaining balance with pre-tax dollars.

For more information about the transit commuter pre-tax benefit program, contact an EDP Coordinator at (954) 788-7935 or email edp@sfrta.fl.gov.

Your Employees Will Benefit

As soon as your company becomes a member of Tri-Railís EDP, your employees can quickly take advantage of a number of valuable benefits. As an added bonus, when your employees register for the program, we work directly with them so your time commitment is as minimal as possible.

Your employees will see that it pays to ride Tri-Rail with:

  • A 25% discount on Monthly and 12-Trip tickets
  • A relaxed commute
  • Convenient ticket purchasing at all train stations
  • Free parking and easy connections
  • Tax benefits