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Employer Discount Program (EDP) Agreement

South Florida Regional Transportation Authority/Tri-Rail Employer Discount Program Agreement

  • This agreement is between the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA)/Tri-Rail and the Employer Discount Program (EDP) Employer.
  • In exchange for establishing the EDP as part of the company’s benefit resources, employees of the EDP Employer are eligible for a twenty-five (25) percent discount on SFRTA/Tri-Rail Monthly, Regional Monthly and 12-Trip passes.
  • The EDP Employer agrees to participate and promote the EDP and will comply with and execute all policies and procedures established by SFRTA/Tri-Rail relating to the program.
  • The EDP Employer agrees to assign an on-site contact person to administer the EDP within the organization. The contact person responsibilities include any of the following:
    • Motivate and promote SFRTA/Tri-Rail as an alternative commuter option;
    • Maintain and update EDP Employer account information via www.tri-rail.com;
    • Verify employees’ participation;
    • Provide assistance with membership enrollment requests;
    • Assist SFRTA with employment verification and notification of EDP Member departure from the company.
    • The terms of this SFRTA/Tri-Rail EDP Agreement go into effect immediately and any changes to the Agreement must be approved in writing.
  • SFRTA/Tri-Rail reserves the rights to terminate this agreement after twelve (12) months of no employee participation.
  • This Agreement will be effective upon selecting the “Accept Box” and will remain in effect untilsuperseded by any future Agreement. The EDP Employer or SFRTA/Tri-Rail may terminate this Agreement by giving either party thirty (30) days written notice. The EDP and its requirement,fares and discounts are subject to change.
  • This Agreement shall not be assigned, transferred, pledged or otherwise encumbered without the prior written approval of SFRTA/Tri-Rail.
  • The discount is valid only as long as the “Employer” and employees meet Program requirements.
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