Available Lockers

Please see the listing of stations below, specifying locker availability based on platform (Track 1 or Track 2) location. We have also provided you with a link to a pdf of an aerial view for each station, designating where the bicycle lockers are placed/expected to be placed. To access this link, click on any of the station names below.

If there are lockers available and you would like to reserve a locker, please access the “Reserve Now” link to get started.

Station# of Available Lockers
Track 1 (west)
# of Available Lockers
Track 2 (east)

Mangonia Park22noneReserve Now
West Palm Beach14Reserve Now
Lake Worthnone30Reserve Now
Boynton Beach15noneReserve Now
Delray Beach6noneReserve Now
Boca Raton222Reserve Now
Deerfield Beach4noneReserve Now
Pompano Beach2012Reserve Now
Cypress CreeknonenoneReserve Now
Ft. Lauderdale25noneReserve Now
Ft. Lauderdale Airportnone4Reserve Now
Sheridan Streetnone10Reserve Now
Hollywoodnone3Reserve Now
Golden Glades16noneReserve Now
Opa-locka7noneReserve Now
Metrorail Transfer12noneReserve Now
Hialeah Market22noneReserve Now
Miami AirportnonenoneComing Soon

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