Bicycle Information

Bicycle Policy

Only conventional two wheeled bicycles that do not exceed 80 inches in their longest dimension will be allowed on trains. Tricycles, tandems, bicycles with training wheels, and any motorized or power bicycles including Scooters are prohibited.

Bicycle Locker Program

Tri-Rail riders can take advantage of complimentary Bicycle Lockers (with a refundable deposit of $20) at most train stations. This benefit was created to provide an enhanced experience for passengers so that they do not have to bring their bicycles onboard the train. The BLP also encourages a truly green commuting experience by making train and bicycle travel more efficient.

Tri-Rail offers approximately 600 lockers available for bicycle and accessory storage. Our lockers are perforated-sheet, steel lockers, designed to accommodate two bicycles per modular unit, with a diagonal divider and separate door entries on either end.

Bicycle Locker Program Rules & Regulations

  • Only conventional, two-wheeled bicycles that do not exceed 80 inches in their longest dimension may be stored in bicycle lockers.
  • Storage of any items other than a bicycle and related equipment (helmet, air pump, bicycle lock, water bottle, bicycle tools and tire repair kit) is prohibited.
  • Users may not substitute SFRTA-issued locks and keys for their own locks and keys. Only SFRTA provided locks may be used to secure lockers. Unauthorized locks will be removed by the SFRTA.
  • The SFRTA may inspect the contents of any locker at any time, without prior notice to the user and without the user present, and may remove any prohibited items.
  • The user agrees that items may be stored in the locker at the user’s own risk. The SFRTA is not responsible for theft or damage to any stored items.
  • If a registration term lapses, contents of the locker will be removed and processed as abandoned property in accordance with SFRTA policy and Florida state statutes.

Contact Us

For More Information
For more Information about the Bicycle Locker Program, please contact:
Genevieve Bajwa, 954-788-7929,

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 5148, Lighthouse Point, FL 33074-5148
Fax: 954-788-7961

Feel free to contact us at 1-800-TRI-RAIL or via Passenger Feedback with any comments or suggestions about the Bicycle Locker Program.